After ten years of mostly neglect, I am updating this site to include the lines I have personally researched, the lines I know that other people have painstakingly researched, and a few dum-dum lines from received information so that eventually we can figure out the exact linkages and most accurate information for those, too. Some of you will likely gain clues about the next rung to grab onto while doing your own research, and it may turn out that you are able to correct errors of this site.

Obviously, I cannot do every single line–I am only one person. But I did not set out to make a complete encyclopedia of all that could ever be known about my lines. I simply chose a couple that no one else had completed and put those together with some that other relatives had worked on. To expand what is known, I have linked to other resources, and I have also traded information over the years with people who have compiled some outstanding resources themselves.

Still to come: needed corrections to broken links on family indexes of names + more specific dates and other info that are waiting somewhere in a trunk in my basement.

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