Deleting Certain Lines

I will likely be deleting certain of the lines I have here. Some came from Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Pearl Ghormley. Pearl was my mother’s cousin, and she did a lot of detailed research on the family line before Internet existed. That means she had to do a lot more footwork to get information for herself. However, I have had reason to wonder whether her personal research only went to a certain point and perhaps she copied the rest from historical accounts. I don’t know.

I do know that the information I found from later researchers does not square with Pearl’s more distant lines relating to the Frankish Kings and Dukes of Normandy. Much of Pearl’s work on the Brockett line, which ties into the more distant lines, was done previously by another researcher of the Brockett line. I believe there has been enough coverage of that line, but only up to a certain point. The difficulty with more distant lines, I believe, is that historical accounts themselves are unclear.

That is why I plan to delete some of the surnames I previously included. It will take me a little time, but I believe this is for the best.