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Not a perfect history, but it is the true Magellan experience. All my life I've wanted to find out how I trace back to Adam and Eve. This is as close to The Garden as it gets. A few angles, some twists and turns, but as genuine as I know how to be. Numbered in consecutive order by generations with a few skips here and there of about two thousand years at a time.

From them to me (with love).

A Elohim— God the father of Adam

1. Adam and Eve, created
2. Seth
3. Enos
4. Cainan
5. Mahalaleel
6. Jared
7. Enoch
8. Methusaleh
9. Lamech
10. Noah

The Flood-1626 A.C. (After the Creation)

11. Japheth
12. Sons of Japheth: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech,Tiras
13. Sons of a: Gomer—Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah
Sons of b: Javan—Elisha and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim

Continental Divide: Peleg named because the earth split apart

The Lost years: According to my calculations, the Amerindians would have walked to North America before or slightly after the drifting began. My theory is that the half-life of radioactive carbons was affected by the cataclysm and all our calculations are off. Either the Dinosaurs existed longer than we think and finished dying off about here, or the projectiles found in their fossilized remains pre-date the race of humans now existing from a time when the earth was populated by pre-Adamic life.

Crossing the Caucasus Mountains

By my calculations, the Caucasians came from Japhethites. The Celts and the Teutonic types came to the interior of the continent at different times. I believe the Celts and Iron Age peoples probably came from the same original bunch and got separated for a time. They would have been the Old Caucasians. They moved across Europe from the South. By the time the New Caucasians came over, the Celts were already in place and didn't look much like them anymore. No one knew from whence beyond the Caucasus mountains the New Caucasians had come. They simply showed up one day with no invitation and without a proper introduction. The New Caucasians couldn't get into the Roman Empire so moved around it, learned its customs, traded with it, and finally attacked and sacked. It was the most fun they ever had. Then they mixed to a greater or lesser degree with the Celts, becoming today's Modern Caucasians. (We'll find out for sure when God rolls the tapes back.)

14. Meroveus (Merovech), chief of the Salian Franks who ruled from 448 to 458
15. Childeric I, ca. 436-481, King of the Salian Franks
15. Clovis, King of the Salian and Ripuarian Franks, (ca. 466-511)
16. Childebert I, King of Cologne
17. Siegbert I {The Lame}, King of Cologne, d. 509
18. Cloderic {The Parricide}, King of Cologne
19. Munderic, b. 500, d. 581
20. Bodegisel I
21. Bodegisel II , d. 588
22. Pepin I of Landen, Mayor of the Palace, Austrasia, d. ca. 639
23. Ansigisal, Mayor of the Palace, b. 602, d. 685 m. Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen
24. Pepin II of Heristal (635-714), Mayor of the Palace and 1st King of the Franks
25. Charles Martel (688?-741), Mayor of the Palace
26. Pepin III {The Short}, Mayor of the Palace, King of the Franks, (714-768)
27. Charlemagne {Carolus Magnus}, (742?-814). King of the Franks 768-814; Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, 800-814
28. Louis I {the Pious}, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of the Franks m/2 Judith of Bavaria
29. Charles I {The Bald} (823-877) Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of France
30. Louis II {The Stammerer}, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of France
31. Charles III {The Simple} (879-929), King of France
32. Giselle, princess of France m. Rollo the Dane
33. Guillaume I, {Long Sword} b. abt. 893
34. Richard I {The Fearless}, b. abt. 933
35. Richard II {The Good}, b. abt. 958
36. Robert I {The Magnificent}, b. abt.999
37. William I of England, b. abt. 1028, d. 9 September 1087 m. Matilda of Flanders
38. Gundred m. William de Warren
39. William de Warren, second Earl of Warren and Surrey
40. Lady Isabel Warren m. Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk
41. Hugh Bigod, third Earl of Norfolk, d. 1225
42. Ralph Bigod, third son, m. Lady Berta Furnival
43. Lady Isabel Bigod m/2 John Fitz-Piers Fitz-Goeffrey, Lord of Berkhampstead; Justice of Ireland, 1246
44. John Fitz-John, Chief Justice of Ireland 1258
45. Lady Maud Fitz-John, m/2 William, sixth Baron Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
46. Guy, second Earl of Warwick
47. Thomas, third Earl of Warwick,
48. Thomas, fourth Earl of Warwick
49. Richard, fifth Earl of Warwick, and Earl of Albemarle, etc.
50. Lady Margaret Beauchamp m. Sir William Cavendish
51. Sir William Cavendish, Knt., of Chadsworth, Gentleman Usher to Cardinal Wolsey, and the King's Privy Councillor and Treasurer, d. 153-
52. William Cavendish, Earl of Devonshire
53. Lady Frances Cavendish m. Sir Henry Pierrepont
54. William Pierrepont
55. James Pierrepont of Ipswich, Massashusetts
56. Robert Pierrepont who m. at Charlestown, Massachusetts
57. John Pierrepont/Pierpont of Roxbury, Massachusetts, d. 1682
58. Rev. James Pierpont, b. 4 Jan 1659, d. 22 Nov 1714.
59. James Pierpont of New Haven, b. 1699, d. 1776
60. Joseph Pierpont
61. Hannah Pierpont, b. 12 Nov 1736, d. 16 Apr 1816; m. Abel Brockett
62. Chauncey Brockett, b. 22 Jan 1777
63. Ansell R. Brockett, b. 29 Jul 1813
64. Nancy Jane Brockett, b. 30 Oct 1837, m. John Dillivan Dayton
65. Lucy Violet Dayton, b. 21 Aug 1873, m. Oscar Woodliff
66. Rosey Lee Woodliff, b. 18 Nov 1900, m. Harry Raymond Morse Sr.
67. Betty Rose Morse, b. 9 Nov 1930; m. Ernest Sommer Brogdon
68. ME!!!!!!!!
69. My children

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