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Those family crests that these companies are always trying to sell us — They do look awfully pretty and sometimes they even have good historical information (though not always). But there are several reasons you probably shouldn’t send off for the crest and the historical paper ready-for-framing.

  • Many crests have little-to-no purported historical background. In fact, many were designed purely for prestige, i.e., bought and sold.
  • Because of the above fact, many crests are not genuine and quite often are in poor heraldic taste. Would you really want to sport something that makes you look like the bumpkin you are?
  • The crest the companies want to sell you probably isn’t one that your family branch is entitled to, anyway. Often they were designed with a certain person or family branch in mind and only one person is entitled to display them.
  • Many times the information is completely wrong on the historical account. For instance, I have a family spelling that could be English or German. Well, it so happens it’s German, and what good would it do a German line to buy information on an English crest?

Have you ever noticed that every family documented by a family crest site is said to have been “seated” somewhere since Medieval or Renaissance times? What does that mean, anyway? Sounds like they were all presiding over something — like a county seat. I think it means they hoveled together at a certain geographical location. Or if they weren’t “seated,” they are said to have been a “respected” family. They can’t all be respected, can they? How respected were they? They mostly fled to America on our side — that ought to tell us something.

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Frankish Kings

From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966] and various encyclopedia works. I have questions about some of the dates and exact hookups as we get further back than 800 A.D.

1Clovis {The Riparian}, King of Cologne, living in 420
    2Childebert, King of Cologne
       3Siegbert I {The Lame}, King of Cologne, d. 509
           4Cloderic {The Parricide}, the King of Cologne
               5Munderic, b. 500, d. 581
                   6Bodegisel I, m. Palatina
                       7Bodegisel {Dux}, d. 588, m. Oda
                           8St. Anoul {De Heristral} Metz, b. 13 Aug 582, d. 16 Aug 640; m. Dode de Heristral, b. 586, d. 611
                               9Ansigise, Mayor Austrasia, b. 602, d. 685
                                   10Pepin, Mayor Austrasia, b. 635 Heristal, Liege, Belgium, d. 16 Dec 714 Junille, Meuse, France
                                       11Charles ‘Martel,’ Mayor Austrasia, b. 676, Of Heristal, Liege, Belgium, d. 22 Oct 741 Quierzy, Aisne, France; m. Suanhilde; had concubine Alpaide, b. 654
                                           12Pepin {The Short}, King of the Franks, b. 714, d. 24 Sept 768
                                               13Charlemagne {Charles the Great}, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of the Franks, b. 2 Apr 742, Ingelheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, d. 28 Jan 814, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. He m/1 Luitgard; he m/2 Bertrada, Countess of Laon
                                                   14Louis I, {the Pious}, Holy Roman Empire, m. Judith, princess
                                                       15Charles II {The Bald}, Holy Roman Empire, King of Franks, b. 15 May 823, m. Ermentrude, b. 825
                                                           16Louis II {The Stammerer}, King of  Franks, b. 1 Nov 846, d. 10 Apr 879; m. Adelaide, b. 850, d. 10 Nov 901
                                                               17Charles III {The Simple} of the Franks
                                                                   18Giselle, princess of the Franks, m. Rollo, first Duke of Normandy 

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Dukes of Normandy

1Eystein “Glumra” Iversson, b. at Maer abt. A.D. 810 in Norway, m. Aseda Rognvaldsson, b. abt. 812 in Norway
    2Rognvald Eysteinsson, b. abt. 830 in Norway, m. Ragnhild Hrolfsson (fifth wife)
        3Rollo the Dane (Rollon, Duke of Normandy aka Gangerhrolf Rognvaldsson), b. abt. A.D. 870, middle of three children;  m. (in what order?) Giselle, princess of France, daugher of Charles the Simple; m/2 Pope, Duchess of Normandy, b. about 872, daughter of Garenger de Boyneaux
           4Guillaume I, {Long Sword} b. abt. 893 m. Sprote de Bretagne, daughter of Hubert, Count of Senlis
               5Richard I {The Fearless}, b. abt. 933, m. Gonnor after 962
                   6Richard II {The Good}, b. abt. 958, m. Judith before 996
                       7Robert I {The Magnificent}, b. abt.999 who had a concubine, Harlette de Falaise
                           8William I of England m. Matilda, princess of France

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Stith Family

Info received from third party.

1Maj. John Stith b. b abt 1638, Gloucestershire, England, d 1693 in VA m. Jane [Mosby] Gregory Parsons b. 1624, poss. daughter of Edward Mosby

    2John Stith Jr. d. 1724 m. 1712 Mary Randolph, d. of Col. William Randolph and Mary Isham who had another son, William
        3John Stith, b. Unknown; d. 1757; m. Elizabeth Anderson, d. of Rev. Charles Anderson
            4Rev. William Stith b. 1704; d. 1755 m. Judith Randolph, cousin to Jane Randolph, Thomas Jefferson’s mother, d/o Thomas {of Tuckahoe} and Judith Fleming
            4Anderson Stith, b. 1730; d. 1768; m. Joanna Bassett, d/o William Bassett and Elizabeth Churchhill
                5Ann Stith m. Capt. William Parham Sr.
                    6William Parham Jr.
                    6Thomas Parham, b. Abt. 1735; d. 1773.
                    6Stith Parham Sr., b. Abt. 1740; d. 1793.
                5Maj. John Stith
            4John Stith
            4William Stith.
            4Judith Stith
        3Mary Stith, m. William Dawson
    2Lt. Col. Drury Stith m. Susannah Bathurst, d/o Lancelot Bathurst, son of Sir Edward Bathurst of Lecklade, Gloucestershire, England, and came to Virginia before 1680
        3Lt. Col. Drury Stith Jr.  m/1 Elizabeth Jones, m/2 Elizabeth Buckner d/o Maj. William Buckner
        3Jane  Stith m. Thomas Hardaway
    2Anne Stith m. 1681 Col. Robert Bolling
       3Col. Robert Bolling Jr. m. Anne Meriwether Cocke
           4Anne Bolling m. John Hall
              5Lucy Hall m. Richard Stith Sr.
                   6Anne Hightower Stith m. Drury Hardaway
                   6Joseph Stith m. Nancy Coche [Cocke?]
                   6Lucy Stith m. William Jordan
                   6Benjamin Stith m. Phoebe Cox
                   6Thomas Stith m. Rhoda Jones
                   6Elizabeth Buckner Stith m. Jesse A. Moreman
                   6Katherine Stith m. James Jones
                   6Martha Stith m. David Saunders
                   6Mary Stith, not married
                   6William Stith m. Nancy Jones
                   6John Stith m. Suzanne Hightower
                           6Richard Stith Jr.

    2William Stith
    2Agnes Stith m. Capt. Thomas Wynne

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Sommer Family

Carl Gottfried Sommer m. Johanne Marie Luise Niedling and had:

1. Franz Alexander Sommer b. 23 Aug 1870 in Altengottern, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Germany) and m. Lillie Jennie Oehlmann in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had:

a. Marie Emma Sommer, b.  20 May 1904, d. 15 July 1905

b. Louise Elizabeth Sommer, b. 21 May 1906

Sommer Birth Certificate

Geburts-und Lauffchein zur arschen Abstammung.

Name    Franz Alexander Sommer

Geburts-Tag    23 August 1870

Geburts-Ort    Altengottern

Tauf-Tag    8 September 1870

Bater    Carl Gottfried Sommer

Schenkwirt Bekenntnis evangel.

Mutter    Johanne Marie Luise, geb. Niedling

Bekenntnis evangel.

Altengottern, den 12 Janar 1936

Das evang.–luth. Pfarramt.

Naturalization papers dated 22 February 1898 were issued by Plymouth County, State of Iowa.

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Oehlmann Family

Thanks to the help of a distant cousin, I have new information on this line. New info is in italics. I’ll refine it a little more as I get time. 

Personal research.

Adam Oehlmann b. ca. mid-16th century or earlier, md. Barbe Tilman, and had:

Matthias Oehlmann (the elder), b. about 1776, d. June 22, 1811 (age 40) in Worms, Germany. He was a native of Bodenheim (just north of Worms), was a “voiturier” (coach driver?). md. Eve Catherine Cassler (or Castler) and had:

Matthias Oehlmann (the younger) who begins generation no. 1 below.

1Mathew Oehlman, b. 1808, m. Dec. 31, 1843 in Jerusalem (church), Berlin Sophia Graefe (age 33) [Germany], d. of Gottfried Graefe. Matthias Oehlmann (the younger) md. Johanna Sophia Graefe. It appears that they were former residents of Graefendorf, about 40 miles east of Frankfort. Matthias Oehlmann was born in Worms, Germany during the time of the French occupation. We found his birth certificate written in French.

2Friedrich W. Oehlmann b. 20 July 1843, Germany m. 29 May 1870 Louisa Emma Poethig [See Poethig] b. 19 Jan [1850] Germany (Saxony)

3Adelene Oehlman b. 19 March [?] Berlin, Germany, d. 2 Aug. 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Infant boy b. and buried in Groitzsch, Germany
3Fred Oehlman b. 28 Feb. [?] Milwaukee, Wisconsin, d.4 Aug. 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Emma Oehlman b. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, d. May 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Jennie Oehlman b. March Cedar Rapids, Iowa, d. [May] 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Alma Adelene Oehlman b. 4 Nov. [?] Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  m. or [b.] 6 May 1905 Kansas City, Kansas
3Clara E. Oehlman b. 21 Sept [?], d. 24 Sept. 1901 Sherman, Tex.
3Lillie Jennie Oehlman b. March in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, d. Waco, Texas, buried in Waco Memorial Park; m. Frank [Franz] Alexander Sommer

4[Unknown, lost name] female, b. about 1904, d. about the same year
4Louise Elizabeth Sommer, b. 21 May 1906, d. about 1985, buried in Waco Memorial Park, m. Ernest Chalmers Brogdon

3[Unknown] 29 [Month] 1891 Kingman, Kansas
3[Elizabeth Minnie] Oehlman b. 26 May or March 1887 Kansas Liberty Township, Kingman Co., d. 18 Feb. 1912, Gravette, Arkansas

Information on the last two children is unclear. All information on this line was discovered in an old drawer filled with odds and ends inherited by Ernest Sommer Brogdon from his mother Louise Elizabeth Sommer. In the bottom of the drawer were notes on letter paper in what appeared to be Lilly Jenny Oehlman’s handwriting. References to her parents indicated this. The papers were in shreds and were pieced together front and back to get the notes from each side. Her name on her headstone is spelled differently than in the notes.

Lilly Jenny was baptized in a Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her certificate reads:

“Lilly Jenny Tochter von Friedrich W. Oehlmann u. dessen Ehefrau Emma L. geb. Poethig geboren den 17 ten Maerz
1883 is am 3 ten Begr. 1884.”

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Stark Family

This came from a third party.
1Richard Stark, b. abt. 1663 in Glascow, Scotland d: 1704 in York Co., Virginia  m. Rebecca [Unknown] d. 1713 in York Co., Virginia and had:
    2Catrene Stark b: Bet. 1692 – 1704
    2Mary Stark b: Bet. 1692 – 1704 m. [Unknown] Harris
    2William Stark b: Abt. 1691 d: 29 Feb 1756 in Prince George Co., Virginia; m/1 1713 Mary Whitby; m/2 25 Jan 1729/30 Mary Ann Bolling b: 25 Jan 1707/08  Bristol Parish, d. 1755 and had:
        3Rebecca Stark b: Bet. 1727 – 1731 m/1 John Ravenscroft b: in Scotland d: in Scotland; m/2 George McMurdo
        3Elizabeth Stark m. Robert Walker b. about 1744 in Dinwiddie, Virginia, d. 19 Oct 1797 Dinwiddie, Virginia
      3Bolling Stark b: 20 Sep 1733 in Prince George Co., Virginia, d: Jan 1788 in Richmond, Virginia; m/1 Elizabeth Belfield; m/2 Anna [Unknown] Orr
      3William Stark b: 1736 in Prince George Co., Virginia d: 19 Sep 1801 in Norfolk, Virginia m. Mary Bassett Daingerfield
      3Robert Stark b: Abt. 1738 in Prince George Co., Virginia; m/1 27 Feb 1758 Mary Hay; m/2 after 1780 Mary Hall [daughter of John Hall and Anne Bolling] d: August 1809 in Einchester, Virginia; m/3 after 1810 Grace Howell
        3Richard Stark b: 1740 in Prince George Co., Virginia d: July 1772 in Dinwiddle Co., Virginia m. Elizabeth [Unknown]
    2Richard Stark II b: Bet. 1692 – 1704 d: 1704
    2James Stark b: Bet. 1692 – 1704 d: 1704

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