Family Haplogroups & Markers

I should have mentioned this earlier in case people were interested. My uncle, Harry R. Morse Jr., had his Y-DNA analyzed and he turned out to be R1b. We believe, from his matches, that he is probably descended from Samuel Morse of Dedham, Massachusetts. He matches this group more closely than any other. Still, we may never know for certain. I mentioned the haplogroup, but it isn’t the haplogroup we are interested in for the matches, but the markers themselves.

I would love to have my brothers’ Y-DNA done next. Our second cousin, Bill Brogdon, had his Y-DNA tested and is an I1a. This should be what my brothers would test since they all descend male-to-male from a common ancestor.

I had my own mtDNA tested and it turns out to be Haplogroup W. This goes back through the women in the family — so there will be various last names involved in tracing the line. My earliest documented ancestress who carried this pattern was Lucy B. Tooley who married Ansel R. Brockett. She is my next brick wall.