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mtDNA Update

Recently I received notification from project administrators that my mitochondrial DNA results had been updated to a new branch under the haplogroup W3a1c. The new branch is defined by two mutations and is now listed by W and N2 DNA Project administrators as W3a1c + G7853A + T9716C.  The general designation remains W or W3 by Family TreeDNA.

The differences between the new branch and the standard haplogroup were explained in this way:

  • W is defined by T195C! T204C G207A T1243C A3505G G5460A G8251A G8994A A11914G G15884c C16292T.
  • W3 is defined by C194T & T1406C.
  • W3a is defined by T15784C.
  • W3a1 is defined by A13263G.
  • W3a1c is defined by T199C & G7269A.
  • W3a1c+G7853A is defined by G7853A.
  • W3a1c+G7853A+T9716C is defined by T9716C.

W3a1 has a huge spread from Ireland to Laos, indicating that it has an ancient origin, maybe as far back as Stone Age.

W3a1c has members with matrilineal ancestry from US, Canda, UK, Germany and Sweden, while W3a1c+G7853A only has members from US, Canada & UK. Most kits under W3a1c+G7853A have additional mutations, so the branch may be several thousand years old. W3a1c+G7853A+T9716C is so far only found in US kits.

This new designation is not yet recognized by the wider genome research community, but only within the privately administered haplogroup project. Among the project admins are scientists and medical people who also share mtDNA W with me and are busily interpreting the results ahead of the larger genome research community. W is otherwise not in the forefront of most research since we are so few.

So far only one other person so far in the U.S. who has taken the test shares this branch with me. He and I have communicated before and learned that both of our ancestresses came from the same county in Indiana, yet we do not know precisely how they were related (he was adopted, by the way).

I will post as I learn more (but don’t hold your breath since it goes really slow).

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