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Lanier Family

My understanding is that every Lanier in the world is related, as the name has come from a single source. This is a line that I have not personally researched, though it has apparently been researched by numerous persons. The bolded names are my personal ancestors in the line.

Pay special attention to the numbering of the generations, as this is pasted in from another program and may lose some formatting.

1Nicholas Laniere, b. 1520-1544 in Rouen, France, and died 31 Jan 1610/11 in County Kent, England. He died 31 Jan 1610-11 Kent, England. His will dated 28 Jan 1611-12 and proved July 1612, Rochester XIX, folia 514. Court musician, m/1 Unknown, m/2 Lucrece Bassano 13 Feb 1570-71 in All Hallows Barking.
Children by Unknown:
2John Lanier, b. before 1565; m. 17 Oct 1585 Frances Galliardello
2Anne Lanier, baptized July 14, 1565, London
2John Lanier II [?]
Children by second wife:
2Alphonso Lanier, b. about 1572; d. 20 June 1613; m. Emelia Bassano 18 Oct 1592
2Innocent Lanier, b. about 1573; d. 1625; unmarried.
2Ellen Lanier, b. about 1577; d. 1628; m. Alphonse Ferrabosco
2Jerome Lanier, m/1 Phrisdewith Grafton; m/2 Elizabeth Willeford 10 Jan 1627
2Clement Lanier, b. about 1590-92 England; d. 6 Nov 1661 England; m. Hannah Rebecca Collett
He married Hannah Rebecca Collett March 1627/28 in St. Margarets, Lee County, England.
3Hannah Lanier, b. about 1629; bapt. 13 Feb 1629-30, Greenwich; m. [Thomas Swetnam] 1655.
3John Lanier, the immigrant to America, b. Oct 1631 Lewisham or Lewisburg, England; baptized Oct 1631; d. about 1683 in Prince George Co., VA, m. bef 1656 Lucrece [?] in England. Came to America in 1656.
4John Lanier, b. 1655 London, d. 1719 Charles City Co, VA, m. Katherine or Alice Sampson, died before 1685. M/2 Sarah Edmunds (widow)
Children by first marriage:
5Robert Lanier, b. 1678 in Surry Co., VA; d. 20 Mar 1743-44 Tyrell Co., NC; m. Pricilla Washington 1727
5John Lanier , b. about 1680 Charles City Co, VA, d. about 4 Mar 1727-28 Surry Co., VA, m. 1703 Elizabeth Bird.
6Bird Thomas Lanier (1703-c1788; m. Mary Madison (Madderson); 11 children)
6Lemuel Lanier, b. about 1707; m. Hannah Peters
7Thomas Lanier m. […] Herring
7Elizabeth Lanier m. […] Mills
7John Lanier, b. before 1738, d. about 1809, in Bulloch Co., GA, m. Sarah [Mills, Mathis?], b. 1803
8Sabra Lanier, b. 1774, d. 1846 m. David Williams, b.1776, d. 1862
8John Lanier, b. 1778, d. 1844, m. Lucy Townley, b. 1804
8Elizabeth Lanier, b. about 1783
8Sarah Lanier, b. about 1785; m. Shadrack Mills [See Mills], b.1780, d. before 1850
6Robert Lanier, b. about 1709; d. or disap. about 1730
6Benjamin Lanier, b. about 1711, m/1 Elizabeth Warren, m/2 Lucy Pennington, m/3 Martha Wilkins
5Sampson Lanier, b. about 1681; d. about 1743; m. Elizabeth Washington
Children by second marriage:
5Sarah Lanier, b. about 1686 Charles City Co, VA; d. about 1727-29; m. about 1705 George Brewer
5Nicholas Lanier, b. 1690 in Charles City Co, VA; d. before 23 Aug 1779; m. Mary Shepherd
5John Lanier Jr died 1719 in Charles City Co, VA.
4Katherine Lanier, b. 7 May 1665, Charles City Co., VA; d. as an infant “strangled in her bed” per records of the judicial court of William Bird
3Susanna Lanier, baptized 16 June 1633; died young.
3Nicholas Lanier, baptized 26 Mar 1635 Greenwich; d. 1665 England
3Susanna Lanier II, b. after 1637
3Lucretia Lanier, b. 17 Jan 1638; d. before 1658
3Charles Lanier, b. about 1640; d. 14 Feb 1651, England
3Robert Lanier, baptized 22 May1 642 St. Alphege, East Greenwich; d. Barbados or Virginia; m. Rebecca [?]
3Lionel Lanier, baptized 17 Feb 1643-44; d. 1665; buried St. Benet and St. Peter’s Church at Paul’s Warf
3Frances Lanier, b. 3 Apr 1646
3William Lanier, b. 14 Oct 1647
3Elizabeth Lanier, b. about 1649
2Andrea Lanier, buried 2 Nov 1660; m. Joyce Perry Jun 1628
2Frances Lanier m. 4 Feb 1618 at St. Margaret’s Lee, Kent, England to Thomas Foxe
2Katherine Lanier, b. about 1583; d. after 2 Sept 1660; m. Daniel Ferrand
2Mary Lanier, buried 13 Oct 1676; unmarried

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Stith Family

Info received from third party.

1Maj. John Stith b. b abt 1638, Gloucestershire, England, d 1693 in VA m. Jane [Mosby] Gregory Parsons b. 1624, poss. daughter of Edward Mosby

    2John Stith Jr. d. 1724 m. 1712 Mary Randolph, d. of Col. William Randolph and Mary Isham who had another son, William
        3John Stith, b. Unknown; d. 1757; m. Elizabeth Anderson, d. of Rev. Charles Anderson
            4Rev. William Stith b. 1704; d. 1755 m. Judith Randolph, cousin to Jane Randolph, Thomas Jefferson’s mother, d/o Thomas {of Tuckahoe} and Judith Fleming
            4Anderson Stith, b. 1730; d. 1768; m. Joanna Bassett, d/o William Bassett and Elizabeth Churchhill
                5Ann Stith m. Capt. William Parham Sr.
                    6William Parham Jr.
                    6Thomas Parham, b. Abt. 1735; d. 1773.
                    6Stith Parham Sr., b. Abt. 1740; d. 1793.
                5Maj. John Stith
            4John Stith
            4William Stith.
            4Judith Stith
        3Mary Stith, m. William Dawson
    2Lt. Col. Drury Stith m. Susannah Bathurst, d/o Lancelot Bathurst, son of Sir Edward Bathurst of Lecklade, Gloucestershire, England, and came to Virginia before 1680
        3Lt. Col. Drury Stith Jr.  m/1 Elizabeth Jones, m/2 Elizabeth Buckner d/o Maj. William Buckner
        3Jane  Stith m. Thomas Hardaway
    2Anne Stith m. 1681 Col. Robert Bolling
       3Col. Robert Bolling Jr. m. Anne Meriwether Cocke
           4Anne Bolling m. John Hall
              5Lucy Hall m. Richard Stith Sr.
                   6Anne Hightower Stith m. Drury Hardaway
                   6Joseph Stith m. Nancy Coche [Cocke?]
                   6Lucy Stith m. William Jordan
                   6Benjamin Stith m. Phoebe Cox
                   6Thomas Stith m. Rhoda Jones
                   6Elizabeth Buckner Stith m. Jesse A. Moreman
                   6Katherine Stith m. James Jones
                   6Martha Stith m. David Saunders
                   6Mary Stith, not married
                   6William Stith m. Nancy Jones
                   6John Stith m. Suzanne Hightower
                           6Richard Stith Jr.

    2William Stith
    2Agnes Stith m. Capt. Thomas Wynne

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Bolling Family

Information received through third party. It is a very well researched line and purportedly connects to Mary Ann Bolling, daughter of Ann Stith. There are a few questions about the identity of Robert Bolling I have yet to resolve. This does not appear to be the same line of James P. Bolding. Other researchers have uncovered the various spelling of the name Bolling and have concluded that, not only did some lines spell it in various ways, but some of them married Boldings, Bourlands, etc. and even these lines then adopted “Bolling” as a spelling.

I have searched like mad everywhere to find the origins of James P. Bolding, even going so far as to look amongst the people of the Melungeons, but I do not believe we are of this group. The more I have thought on it and considered the culture of my mother’s Southern family, the more sense it makes that we would not have crossed paths with them or with the other unusual mixes. I have found that there were a group of surveyors out of Baltimore who spelled the name “Boulding”, but I do not know of a connection. James P. Bolding’s daughter, Della, appears in the 1910 Clovis Co., New Mexico, census with the spelling of “Boulding”.

This particular line comes through Elizabeth Fisher rather than James P. Bolding.

1. William DEBOLLINGI was born in 1140.

2. William DEBOLLING IIwas born in 1190 in New Hall, England.

3. Robert DEBOLLING I was born before 1220 and died in 1258/1259

4. John DEBOLLING I was born about 1232.

5. William DEBOLLING III was born about 1258.

6. John DEBOLLING II was born about 1284.

7. Robert DEBOLLING II was born in 1310. He died in 1370. Robert married Elizabeth DETHORNTON in 1337. Elizabeth was born in 1310.

8. John DEBOLLING III was born in 1340. He died about 1408. John married Grace PAPELEY. Grace was born about 1340.

9. Robert DEBOLLING III was born in 1370. He died after 1422. Robert married Margaret THORNOE

10. Robert BOLLING IV was born about 1396 in Bolling Hall, England. He died on 23 Oct 1457/1487. Robert married Isabel THORNTON.

11. Tristam BOLLINGI was born about 1490 in Bradford, York, England. He died after 1502.Tristam married Beatrice CALVERLEY. Beatrice was born before 1494.

12. Edward BOLLING I was born about 1516 in Chellow, England. He died in 1543 in Chellow, England. Edward married Magdalena GREENE. Magdalena was born about 1520.

13.Tristam BOLLING II was born in 1530 in Chellow, England. He died in 1561 in Chellow, England. Tristam married Ann ROOKES. Ann was born about 1524.

14. Edward BOLLING II was born in 1560 in Chellow, England. He died in 1592 in Chellow, England. Edward married Jane.

15. Robert BOLLING V was born in 1590 in Bradford, York, England. He died before 13 Nov 1639 in London, England. Robert married Anne CLARKE in 1614. Anne was born in 1590. She died in 1639.

The following continuation not from a GEDCOM file:

1John Bolling, b. ca. 1615, Bolling Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, d. 1684; m. 23 Nov. 1640 Mary Carie, b. London England ca 1620, died 11 Nov. 1648, London, England

2Robert Bolling b. 26 Dec. 1646, All Hollows Barking Parish Power Steer, London, England, died 17 July 1709, Prince George County, VA; m/1 Jane Rolfe and m/2 Anne Stith, born ca 1665, Brunswick CO. VA., she died ca 1710. By Ann Stith he had:

3Robert Bolling, born 25 January, 1681/2, married Anne Cocke (See This Line Below) 27 Jan , 1705/6, died 1749.
4Mary Ann Bolling, b. 25 Jan. 1708 Prince Ga. Co. VA., md. Capt. William Stark
5Rebecca Stark
5Bolling Stark
5Robert Stark
5William Stark
5Richard Stark
5Elizabeth Stark m. Capt. Robert Walker
3Elizabeth Bolling, born 17 Dec. 1709, Prince Ga. Co. VA. Married James Munford ca. 1727
4Martha Bolling
4James Bolling
4Susannah Bolling
3Anne Bolling, born 12 December, 1713, Prince George CO. VA. Married John Hall in 1730
3Lucy Bolling, born 3 May, 1719, m/1 John Hall; m/2 Peter Randolph in 1733
3Jane Bolling, born 1 April, 1722, married Hugh Miller
3Martha Bolling, born 17 Nov. 1726, Married Richard Eppes, died 1751
4Francis Eppes
4Tabitha Eppes
3Susannah Bolling, b. 6 July, 1728, married Alexander Bolling 23 Dec. 1745, died after 1788
4Elizabeth Bolling
4Robert Bolling
4Stith Bolling
4John Bolling
4Alexander Bolling
4Susannah Bolling
4Sallie Bolling
3Robert Bolling, born 12 June 1730, m/1 Martha Bannister, m/2 Mary Marshall Tabb, 11 April, 1758, Amelia CO VA.
Children by m/2:
2Robert Bolling
2Thomas Bolling
2Tab Bolling
2Anne Bolling
2Frances Bolling
2Marianna Bolling
2[Mason?] Bolling

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Brockett Family

From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966] Some of this research has been continued by June Derrickson.1John Brockett, b. 1609 England, tradition maintains, was the oldest child of Sir John Brockett, of Brockett Hall, Herfordshire, England, disinherited for religious beliefs. Came to America with Rev. John Davenport. He came to America in 1637. He laid out the town square of New Haven, Connecticut and lived on Church Street more than thirty years (Ghormley, p. 212-13). John Brockett m. a Puritan lady named Mary [Unknown]. They had:

2John Brockett (1John Brockett), physician, b. 1642 New Haven, Connecticut, d. Nov 1720 m. Elizabeth Doolittle
3Mary Brockett, b. 6 May 1673, d. 1673
3Mary Brockett, b. 18 Feb 1674, m. Lawrence Clinton
3John Brockett, b. 23 Oct 1676, d. 29 Nov 1676
3Elizabeth Brockett, b. 26 Nov 1677, m. John Grannis 12 Oct 1710 at Wallingford, Connecticut
3Benjamin Brockett, b. 1679, d. 1679
3Moses Brockett, b. 23 Apr 1680, m/1 Ann Grannis on 8 Jan 1706 and had two children. He m/2 in 1712 Lydia Humiston, b. 1 Apr 1689, and had:
3Abigail Brockett, b. 31 Mar 1683, d. 2 Aug 1752, m. John Pardee on 9 Jul 1712
3John Brockett, b. 13 Sept 1686, d. 17 Nov 1709
3Samuel Brockett, b. 8 Nov 1691, m. Mehitable Hill, daughter of John HIll, on 5 Aug 1712

2Benjamin Brockett, a twin, b. 23 Feb 1645, d. 1645
2Be Fruitful Brockett, a twin, b. 23 Feb 1645, d. 1645
2Mary Brockett, b. 25 Sept 1646, m. Ephraim Pennington
2Silence Brockett, b. 4 Jan 1648, m. 25 Oct 1667 at Milford, Connecticut, Joseph Bradley
2Benjamin Brockett, Dec 1648, m. Elizabeth Barnes
2Abigail Brockett, b. 10 Mar 1650, m. John Payne 22 Jan 1673. She d. 4 Jul 1729
2Samuel Brockett, b. 14 Jan 1652, m. Sarah Bradley
2Jabez Brockett, b. 24 Oct 1654, d. 1654
2Jabez Brockett, b. 24 Oct 1656, m. Dorothy Lyman

3Moses Brockett (2John Brockett, 1John Brockett) m/1 Ann Grannis and had:
4Anne Brockett, b. 27 Sept 1707, m. Daniel Barnes on 25 Mar 1728, d. 1759
4Silence Brockett, b. 3 Nov 1709, m. Mr. Frisbie

Moses Brockett m/2 Lydia Humiston and had:
4Lydia Brockett, b. 28 Aug 1712, m. Henry Barnes on 29 Nov 1744
4Moses Brockett, b. 17 Jan 1714, m. Priscilla Grannis on 14 Jun 1739 and d. 1758. Priscilla d. in 1755.
4Samuel Brockett, b. Mar 1715
4Benjamin Brockett, b. Dec 1716
4Elizabeth Brockett, b. 9 May 1718, m. Jared Robinson on 14 Jul 1747
4Mary Brockett, b. 26 Jun 1719, m. John Jacobs on 18 Jul 1749
4Abraham Brockett, a twin, b. 19 May 1721, d. 7 Apr 1774
4Abigail Brockett, a twin, b. 19 May 1721, m. Mr. Barnes
4John Brockett, b. 31 Dec 1722 m/1 Thankful Frost; m/2 M. Cooper
4Ebenezer Brockett, b. July 1724, m. Esther Hoadley
4Abel Brockett, b. 11 Aug 1725, m. Hannah Pierpont, 24 Jul 1755
4Richard Brockett, b. 11 Sept 1727, m. Mary Pierpont on 13 Mar 1756
4Stephen Brockett, b. 20 Mar 1729, m. Mabel M. Barnes on 27 Mar 1771
4Sarah Brockett, b. 29 May 1731, m. Stephen Hitchcock on 16 Sept 1771

4Abel Brockett (3Moses Brockett, 2John Brockett, 1John Brockett), m. Hannah Pierpont [See Pierpont] and had:
5Hannah Brockett, b. 18 Apr 1756, d. 10 Jan 1766
5Abel Brockett, b. 10 Apr 1758, d. 4 Dec. 1788
5Silence Brockett, b. 29 Jul 1760, m. Jared Barnes
5Lucy Brockett, b. 19 Jan 1763, d. unmarried 11 May 1847
5Jeremiah [Jared?] Brockett, b. 19 Apr 1765
5Timothy Brockett, b. 9 Nov 1766, m. Olive Root
5Hezekiah Brockett, b. 17 Jul 1769, m. Mehitable Candee
5Peter Brockett, b. 15 Nov 1771, d. Aug 1845
5Hannah Brockett, b. 25 Mar 1774, m. Jared Chittenden
5Chauncey Brockett, b. 22 Jan 1777, m. Anne Redway
5Lyman Brockett, b. 25 Jul 1780, m. Hannah Goodsell

5Chauncey Brockett, b. 22 Jan 1777 in Oswego, New York m/1 Anne Redway and had:
6Lodeemy Brockett, b. 4 Oct 1800, m. Aaron Drake
6Alanson Brockett, b. 7 Feb 1802, m. Anna M. Moffat
6Sophronia Brockett, b. 29 Jul 1808, m. Zelotus Moffat
6Harvey Brockett, b. 13 Apr 1809, m. Mary McCreary
6Chauncey Brockett, a twin, b. 29 Jul 1813, d. 13 Jan 1838
6Ansell R. Brockett, a twin, b. 29 Jul 1813, m. Lucy B. Tooley in Bartholomew Co., Indiana on 3 Apr 1836

Chauncey Brockett m/2 Anna Balch had:
6Nancy Brockett, b. 4 Nov 1814, m. Nelson Hopkins
6Hosea Brockett, b. 19 Dec 1818, m. Orilla Nutt
6Lucy Ann Brockett, b. 13 Aug 1824, m. Lafayette Crofford
6John Brockett, b. 26 Jan 1826, d. 7 Mar 1826
6Matilda Brockett, b. 19 Mar 1830, m/1 Edwward Logan; m/2 Dudley Brown

6Ansell R. Brockett, a twin, b. 29 Jul 1813, m/1 Lucy B. Tooley in Bartholomew Co., Indiana on 3 Apr 1836 and had:
7Nancy Jane Brockett, b. 30 Oct 1837, m. John Dillivan Dayton in Apr 1855. She d. in Dec. 1887.
7Barbara Elizabeth Brockett, b. 26 May 1839, m. A.T. Ireland
7Fanny Sophronia Brockett, b. 7 May 1841, m. S.H. Norton
7Eliza Lodeema Brockett, b. 21 Nov 1842, m. Charles cole. She d. 9 Jun 1864
7George Gideon Brockett, b. 12 May 1844, d. 17 Sept 1862 in battle of Antietam. Served as a Standard Bearer
7Lucy Ann Brockett, b. 19 May 1846, m. George Foreman, she d. 12 May 1886
7Salem Ansell Brockett, b. 30 Apr 1848, d. 20 Jun 1864. Served in Union Army and d. of typhoid fever
7Sarah Anna Brockett, b. 17 Apr 1850, m. William Taylor.

7Nancy Jane Brockett, b. 30 Oct 1837, m. John Dillivan Dayton in 8 May 1855. She d. in Dec. 1887.

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Bigod Family

From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966]1Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk m. Lady Isabel de Warren  

   2Hugh Bigod, third Earl of Norfolk, d. 1225
       3Ralph Bigod, third son, m. Lady Berta Furnival
          4Lady Isabel Bigod m/2 John Fitz-Piers Fitz-Geoffrey, Lord of Berkhampstead; Justice of Ireland, 1246
              5John Fitz-John, Chief Justice of Ireland 1258
                  6Lady Maud Fitz-John, m/1 Gerard de Furnival, m/2 William, sixth Baron Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick 

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From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966]

1Sir Henry Pierrepont md. Lady Frances Cavendish
    2William Pierrepont (brother of Robert Pierrpont, created Baron Pierrepont, of Holme-Pierrepont, in Nottingham and Viscount Neward, and in 1628, Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull)
       3James Pierrepont of Ipswich, Massashusetts m. Margaret [Unknown]
           4Robert Pierrepont who m. at Charlestown, Massachusetts, Sarah Lynde, daughter of Thomas Lynde
               5John Pierrepont/Pierpont of Roxbury, Massachusetts, d. 1682, m.Thankful Stow
                   6Rev. James Pierpont, b. 4 Jan 1659, d. 22 Nov 1714. He m/1 Abigail Davenport, b. 1671, daughter of the John Davenport (son of Rev. John Davenport) on 27 Oct 1691. She d. 3 Feb 1691. He m/2 Sarah Haynes on 30 May 1694. She d. 7 Oct 1696. He m/3 Mary Hooker, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Hooker of Farmington, Connecticut (son of the Rev. Thomas Hooker) and his wife Mary Willett. Mary Hooker d. 1 Nov 1740.
                       7James Pierpont of New Haven, b. 1699, d. 1776 m. twice and had:
                           8Joseph Pierpont m. Hannah Russell, daughter of the Rev. Noahdiah Russell
                               9Hannah Pierpont, b. 12 Nov 1736, d. 16 Apr 1816; m. Abel Brockett 

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Cavendish Family

From Pearl Ghormley, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; a Genealogy of the Foreman, Hays, Ghormley, Williams and Brockett Families.[San Antonio] Printed by Naylor Co. [1966]

1Sir William Cavendish m. Lady Margaret Beauchamp

    2Thomas Cavendish, Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer under Henry Viii, d. 1524; m. Alice, daughter of John Smith, of Padbrokehall, Suffolk
       3Sir William Cavendish, Knt., of Chadsworth, Gentleman Usher to Cardinal Wolsey, and the King’s Privy Councillor and Treasurer, d. 153- m. Lady Elizabeth, daughter of John Hardwick of Hardwick, Derby
          4William, Earl of Devonshire
              5Lady Frances Cavendish m. Sir Henry Pierrepont 

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