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Lanier Family

My understanding is that every Lanier in the world is related, as the name has come from a single source. This is a line that I have not personally researched, though it has apparently been researched by numerous persons. The bolded names are my personal ancestors in the line.

Pay special attention to the numbering of the generations, as this is pasted in from another program and may lose some formatting.

1Nicholas Laniere, b. 1520-1544 in Rouen, France, and died 31 Jan 1610/11 in County Kent, England. He died 31 Jan 1610-11 Kent, England. His will dated 28 Jan 1611-12 and proved July 1612, Rochester XIX, folia 514. Court musician, m/1 Unknown, m/2 Lucrece Bassano 13 Feb 1570-71 in All Hallows Barking.
Children by Unknown:
2John Lanier, b. before 1565; m. 17 Oct 1585 Frances Galliardello
2Anne Lanier, baptized July 14, 1565, London
2John Lanier II [?]
Children by second wife:
2Alphonso Lanier, b. about 1572; d. 20 June 1613; m. Emelia Bassano 18 Oct 1592
2Innocent Lanier, b. about 1573; d. 1625; unmarried.
2Ellen Lanier, b. about 1577; d. 1628; m. Alphonse Ferrabosco
2Jerome Lanier, m/1 Phrisdewith Grafton; m/2 Elizabeth Willeford 10 Jan 1627
2Clement Lanier, b. about 1590-92 England; d. 6 Nov 1661 England; m. Hannah Rebecca Collett
He married Hannah Rebecca Collett March 1627/28 in St. Margarets, Lee County, England.
3Hannah Lanier, b. about 1629; bapt. 13 Feb 1629-30, Greenwich; m. [Thomas Swetnam] 1655.
3John Lanier, the immigrant to America, b. Oct 1631 Lewisham or Lewisburg, England; baptized Oct 1631; d. about 1683 in Prince George Co., VA, m. bef 1656 Lucrece [?] in England. Came to America in 1656.
4John Lanier, b. 1655 London, d. 1719 Charles City Co, VA, m. Katherine or Alice Sampson, died before 1685. M/2 Sarah Edmunds (widow)
Children by first marriage:
5Robert Lanier, b. 1678 in Surry Co., VA; d. 20 Mar 1743-44 Tyrell Co., NC; m. Pricilla Washington 1727
5John Lanier , b. about 1680 Charles City Co, VA, d. about 4 Mar 1727-28 Surry Co., VA, m. 1703 Elizabeth Bird.
6Bird Thomas Lanier (1703-c1788; m. Mary Madison (Madderson); 11 children)
6Lemuel Lanier, b. about 1707; m. Hannah Peters
7Thomas Lanier m. […] Herring
7Elizabeth Lanier m. […] Mills
7John Lanier, b. before 1738, d. about 1809, in Bulloch Co., GA, m. Sarah [Mills, Mathis?], b. 1803
8Sabra Lanier, b. 1774, d. 1846 m. David Williams, b.1776, d. 1862
8John Lanier, b. 1778, d. 1844, m. Lucy Townley, b. 1804
8Elizabeth Lanier, b. about 1783
8Sarah Lanier, b. about 1785; m. Shadrack Mills [See Mills], b.1780, d. before 1850
6Robert Lanier, b. about 1709; d. or disap. about 1730
6Benjamin Lanier, b. about 1711, m/1 Elizabeth Warren, m/2 Lucy Pennington, m/3 Martha Wilkins
5Sampson Lanier, b. about 1681; d. about 1743; m. Elizabeth Washington
Children by second marriage:
5Sarah Lanier, b. about 1686 Charles City Co, VA; d. about 1727-29; m. about 1705 George Brewer
5Nicholas Lanier, b. 1690 in Charles City Co, VA; d. before 23 Aug 1779; m. Mary Shepherd
5John Lanier Jr died 1719 in Charles City Co, VA.
4Katherine Lanier, b. 7 May 1665, Charles City Co., VA; d. as an infant “strangled in her bed” per records of the judicial court of William Bird
3Susanna Lanier, baptized 16 June 1633; died young.
3Nicholas Lanier, baptized 26 Mar 1635 Greenwich; d. 1665 England
3Susanna Lanier II, b. after 1637
3Lucretia Lanier, b. 17 Jan 1638; d. before 1658
3Charles Lanier, b. about 1640; d. 14 Feb 1651, England
3Robert Lanier, baptized 22 May1 642 St. Alphege, East Greenwich; d. Barbados or Virginia; m. Rebecca [?]
3Lionel Lanier, baptized 17 Feb 1643-44; d. 1665; buried St. Benet and St. Peter’s Church at Paul’s Warf
3Frances Lanier, b. 3 Apr 1646
3William Lanier, b. 14 Oct 1647
3Elizabeth Lanier, b. about 1649
2Andrea Lanier, buried 2 Nov 1660; m. Joyce Perry Jun 1628
2Frances Lanier m. 4 Feb 1618 at St. Margaret’s Lee, Kent, England to Thomas Foxe
2Katherine Lanier, b. about 1583; d. after 2 Sept 1660; m. Daniel Ferrand
2Mary Lanier, buried 13 Oct 1676; unmarried

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Dukes of Normandy

1Eystein “Glumra” Iversson, b. at Maer abt. A.D. 810 in Norway, m. Aseda Rognvaldsson, b. abt. 812 in Norway
    2Rognvald Eysteinsson, b. abt. 830 in Norway, m. Ragnhild Hrolfsson (fifth wife)
        3Rollo the Dane (Rollon, Duke of Normandy aka Gangerhrolf Rognvaldsson), b. abt. A.D. 870, middle of three children;  m. (in what order?) Giselle, princess of France, daugher of Charles the Simple; m/2 Pope, Duchess of Normandy, b. about 872, daughter of Garenger de Boyneaux
           4Guillaume I, {Long Sword} b. abt. 893 m. Sprote de Bretagne, daughter of Hubert, Count of Senlis
               5Richard I {The Fearless}, b. abt. 933, m. Gonnor after 962
                   6Richard II {The Good}, b. abt. 958, m. Judith before 996
                       7Robert I {The Magnificent}, b. abt.999 who had a concubine, Harlette de Falaise
                           8William I of England m. Matilda, princess of France

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