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Sommer Family

Carl Gottfried Sommer m. Johanne Marie Luise Niedling and had:

1. Franz Alexander Sommer b. 23 Aug 1870 in Altengottern, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Germany) and m. Lillie Jennie Oehlmann in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had:

a. Marie Emma Sommer, b.  20 May 1904, d. 15 July 1905

b. Louise Elizabeth Sommer, b. 21 May 1906

Sommer Birth Certificate

Geburts-und Lauffchein zur arschen Abstammung.

Name    Franz Alexander Sommer

Geburts-Tag    23 August 1870

Geburts-Ort    Altengottern

Tauf-Tag    8 September 1870

Bater    Carl Gottfried Sommer

Schenkwirt Bekenntnis evangel.

Mutter    Johanne Marie Luise, geb. Niedling

Bekenntnis evangel.

Altengottern, den 12 Janar 1936

Das evang.–luth. Pfarramt.

Naturalization papers dated 22 February 1898 were issued by Plymouth County, State of Iowa.

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Oehlmann Family

Thanks to the help of a distant cousin, I have new information on this line. New info is in italics. I’ll refine it a little more as I get time. 

Personal research.

Adam Oehlmann b. ca. mid-16th century or earlier, md. Barbe Tilman, and had:

Matthias Oehlmann (the elder), b. about 1776, d. June 22, 1811 (age 40) in Worms, Germany. He was a native of Bodenheim (just north of Worms), was a “voiturier” (coach driver?). md. Eve Catherine Cassler (or Castler) and had:

Matthias Oehlmann (the younger) who begins generation no. 1 below.

1Mathew Oehlman, b. 1808, m. Dec. 31, 1843 in Jerusalem (church), Berlin Sophia Graefe (age 33) [Germany], d. of Gottfried Graefe. Matthias Oehlmann (the younger) md. Johanna Sophia Graefe. It appears that they were former residents of Graefendorf, about 40 miles east of Frankfort. Matthias Oehlmann was born in Worms, Germany during the time of the French occupation. We found his birth certificate written in French.

2Friedrich W. Oehlmann b. 20 July 1843, Germany m. 29 May 1870 Louisa Emma Poethig [See Poethig] b. 19 Jan [1850] Germany (Saxony)

3Adelene Oehlman b. 19 March [?] Berlin, Germany, d. 2 Aug. 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Infant boy b. and buried in Groitzsch, Germany
3Fred Oehlman b. 28 Feb. [?] Milwaukee, Wisconsin, d.4 Aug. 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Emma Oehlman b. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, d. May 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Jennie Oehlman b. March Cedar Rapids, Iowa, d. [May] 1878 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
3Alma Adelene Oehlman b. 4 Nov. [?] Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  m. or [b.] 6 May 1905 Kansas City, Kansas
3Clara E. Oehlman b. 21 Sept [?], d. 24 Sept. 1901 Sherman, Tex.
3Lillie Jennie Oehlman b. March in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, d. Waco, Texas, buried in Waco Memorial Park; m. Frank [Franz] Alexander Sommer

4[Unknown, lost name] female, b. about 1904, d. about the same year
4Louise Elizabeth Sommer, b. 21 May 1906, d. about 1985, buried in Waco Memorial Park, m. Ernest Chalmers Brogdon

3[Unknown] 29 [Month] 1891 Kingman, Kansas
3[Elizabeth Minnie] Oehlman b. 26 May or March 1887 Kansas Liberty Township, Kingman Co., d. 18 Feb. 1912, Gravette, Arkansas

Information on the last two children is unclear. All information on this line was discovered in an old drawer filled with odds and ends inherited by Ernest Sommer Brogdon from his mother Louise Elizabeth Sommer. In the bottom of the drawer were notes on letter paper in what appeared to be Lilly Jenny Oehlman’s handwriting. References to her parents indicated this. The papers were in shreds and were pieced together front and back to get the notes from each side. Her name on her headstone is spelled differently than in the notes.

Lilly Jenny was baptized in a Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her certificate reads:

“Lilly Jenny Tochter von Friedrich W. Oehlmann u. dessen Ehefrau Emma L. geb. Poethig geboren den 17 ten Maerz
1883 is am 3 ten Begr. 1884.”

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Poethig-Spangler Marriage

1Carl Gutlop Poethig md. Ernastine Louisa Spangler and had
    2[Louisa[ Emma Poethig, b. Jan. 19, 1850 in Saxony, Germany. She md. Fredrick W. Oehlman[n], b. July
20, 1843, Germany.

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