I have done much more research than is apparent from this scanty information. However, time constrains me from doing more. Here is the bare bones of what I have been working with.


  • DNA testing has revealed that my father, Ernest S. Brogdon’s line carried Y-DNA I1a. We have traced the surname to the far West Riding, Yorkshire, England
  • My mother’s Morse line carries Y-DNA R1b [now upgraded to classification of R-M269] and appears to match the line of Samuel Morse of Dedham, Massachusetts. The Morse Society recently moved these results from its “Ungrouped” category to its “Samuel” matches (and I just want to tell them, “I told you so,” after getting nothing out of them one way or another for 30 years). The Morse lines in the U.S. come mainly from either England or originally from Flanders. After hearing that we were not related to Samuel F.B. Morse, the latest data says we are. Well what do you know. . . I hit a brick wall with our first ancestor to Texas who was murdered near Laredo and buried in an unmarked grave, so how he goes back to Samuel, I do not yet know.
  • In 2008, I had my mtDNA tested and it places the female line in Haplogroup W. Later it was reclassified as W3a1c, and lastly my project group updated it to W3a1c+G7853A+T9716C. This is how they defined it:
    • W is defined by T195C! T204C G207A T1243C A3505G G5460A G8251A G8994A A11914G G15884c C16292T.
    • W3 is defined by C194T & T1406C.
    • W3a is defined by T15784C.
    • W3a1 is defined by A13263G.
    • W3a1c is defined by T199C & G7269A.
    • W3a1c+G7853A is defined by G7853A.
    • W3a1c+G7853A+T9716C is defined by T9716C.
    • You have no private mutations.
      [No private mutations?]
      We are uncertain as to where our mtDNA jumped off from Europe, but it almost certainly came through the British Isles, through a lady named Lucy B. Tooley, probable daughter of Frances Burnett.
  • In 2021 I did the autosomal DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA. I later ran the same raw data through DNA.Land which uses the 23 and Me format. Results came out different, but not as contradictory as it appears on the surface. It has to do with the size of the company’s database and what they are able to differentiate — yet. Some can tell you the city your ancestors may have come from; others can’t distinguish between French, German, and English or between Scandinavian, Irish, and Scottish, etc. Databases simply have to get larger and more varied before “perfection” can be attained. The 23 and Me format yielded more specific information that I was able to use.

Family Tree DNA image:

FamilyTree DNA format

DNA.Land using the 23 and Me format

9 thoughts on “DNA

  1. Stephanie, do you have any idea as to where your adoptive mother was from? It’s very likely that we are not-so-distant cousins. I met another person with the same mtDNA who was adopted. His mother was from the same county as my ancestress. The mtDNA is so rare that it is pretty open and shut that we must be related if they were from the same county. We think they were either sisters or an aunt and a neice. There are virtually no people in the U.S. with that mtDNA who are not pretty recently related, I suspect.

  2. I’m W3a1c as well. I live with my mother, and we still interact with Grandma on a daily basis. I also have an aunt on that side of the family. The farthest back name I know on the maternal side is “Worthy,” which I believe is the maiden name of my Grandma’s mother.

    I wonder if our families might be distantly related? My aunt has done some genealogical research… maybe I should get you guys in touch at some point.

    • Jeremy–you have to be related somehow if you are W3a1c. I have met one other person who tested as this. He was adopted and his maternal ancestress came from the same county as mine. We don’t know if they were aunt/niece or sister/sister, etc. If you know the line of your maternal ancestor, then please have your aunt contact me. Sorry to be so long in replying, but I rarely check this site. If we are related in the Americas, I can tell you that my W3a1c line traces to Columbus, Indiana (Bartholomew Co.) and I suspect it goes back to Virginia. If I can still find my other W3a1c contact, then maybe something will come of it.

      • I actually forgot that I posted this. Anyway, I tried to find an e-mail address or something to send you my Aunt’s e-mail, but you have no contact information listed publicly at all…

        I don’t feel comfortable putting her e-mail address out there without her permission, but if you e-mail [address removed], my Mom can send you my Aunt Kathy’s e-mail address.

      • I’ve responded by private email. Comments do reach me via email updates, so I’ll be glad to connect people who agree to exchange email addresses. Conversely if anyone has posted an email address in the comments, I’ll be glad to remove it if requested to do so. I’m actually surprised at how active this blog is, even though I’m not really researching anymore. But so glad that people are connecting and getting answers to their family questions. [P.S. Jeremy, since you didn’t feel comfortable about the email address posted, I’ve removed it. Just have your mom either email me or send me your Aunt Kathy’s email now that you have my email address.]

  3. Kathryn, the Bird’s or Byrd’s or LeBird’s are ancestors of mine, as well. For example, Thomas Bird is my 12th Great Grandfather. So, it appears that we are related.
    If you want to communicate further you can e-mail me at chris88smith@yahoo.com.
    I hope to hear from you!

    Chris Smith

    • Sometimes I haven’t seen the latest comments, though I’m currently working to update this site again. Sorry to have missed this last one–it doesn’t seem to have made it to my inbox earlier. There is now a “Contact” tab in the header menu so that if anyone wants to contact me directly or request that I contact another person on here, it’s now possible. I was concerned about people leaving their email addresses on here and getting zonked by the bots, so will be glad to run interference between parties if needed. Hopefully this site will become easier to navigate. I’ll be updating and cleaning up a lot of information that I almost literally threw together during a move ten years ago. Now that I’m retired, my time is more flexible.

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